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Good Vision In The Classroom

It's been a great summer and it's difficult to believe it's already August. Kids all across North America are getting pumped for the beginning of the academic year, equipped with brand new bags, textbooks and of course, plenty of enthusiasm. This is the perfect opportunity to take your child to get an eye exam, if you haven't already. Proper vision is crucial for a productive school experience and as your son or daughter grows, there are a number of stages of development that might result in his or her eyesight.

Roughly 80 percent of learning is accomplished with the use of a child's eyes. Despite the overt link between sight and learning, a lot of parents seem to be unaware of this, and don't include eye exams as part of their child's back to school to-do list. As your kid's vision may change frequently, regular eye exams are necessary for success at school.

As children go through school, it becomes increasingly important to monitor their eyesight. Some warning symptoms include not properly seeing numbers or letters, watery eyes and frequent eye rubbing, squinting, head tilting, and avoiding detailed work.

Not having the ability to meet the visual requirements of the classroom and school work can impact his or her performance. New classroom technology, such as the use of interactive whiteboards, can sometimes heighten less obvious vision problems. Without adequate vision, kids can be at a disadvantage not just at school, but also mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you're the parent of a glasses-wearing child, now is also a good time to see if they need new glasses. Even when a child can see well wearing his or her old glasses, the fit may be wrong or perhaps the optical centers of the lenses are not optimally positioned anymore due to normal growth. The more a student likes and feels comfortable in his/her glasses, the more likely he/she will wear them.

Make sure you make time to come see us when you're gearing up for the new school year. We'll do our very best to help our young patients start the year afresh with excellent vision.