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How To Treat A Black Eye

Boy with Black Eye, Eye Doctor, Bethlehem & Allentown, PAA black eye happens when an injury causes blood to collect in the tissues underneath the skin around (not inside) the eye. The injury would typically be caused by a blunt force, such as a punch to the eye, or being hit by a ball or any other hard object.

To treat a minor black eye, the first thing to do is to put a cold compress over the eye in order to reduce the swelling. Keep the cold compress on for about 15-20 minutes. Repeat this every hour for 24 to 48 hours. After 48 hours, you can apply a warm compress to the eye. Despite popular myths to the contrary, do put cold meat on a black eye. This could increase the risk of infection.

More serious black eyes If experiencing any of the following conditions, you need medical attention:

  • Blood in the eye
  • Bleeding from the nose or ears
  • Unable to move or open the eye
  • Vomiting, dizziness or passing out.
  • Vision loss, blurry or double vision
  • Continued headache
  • Any sign of infection, pus or redness coming from the eye or fever

Anyone who experiences these symptoms should not wait to see an optometrist or visit the emergency room.