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Air Optix Colors

When selecting color contacts, having contact lenses that not only give you that perfect eye color you’ve always wanted, but that are also comfortable and safeguard the health of your eyes is important. The new Air Optix Colors Contact Lens is an incredible advance in color contact lens technology. Air Optix uses the most advanced techniques to create a contact lens that is beyond any that came before.

air optix colored contact lenses

Contact lens breathability is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing which color contacts you will be wearing. The clear part of your eye that helps focus incoming light, called the cornea, has no blood vessels in it, and so must receive oxygen straight from the air. Much like a person, your cornea must ‘inhale’ oxygen, and ‘exhale’ carbon dioxide, so putting a contact lens on the eye that does not let enough air in or carbon dioxide out is much like putting a plastic bag over a person’s head. It can do a great amount of damage very quickly. Air Optix Colors are superior to other color contact lenses for this reason. They are made from advanced lens materials that offer up to 5 times more lens breathability than other traditional leading brands.

No prescription? No problem! We also offer Air Optix Colors without a prescription.

To experience the incredible possibilities of Air Optix Colors, in all colors of the rainbow, come visit us today at Newcomer Eye Associates.