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Eye Care Services In Whitehall, PA

Serving patients from Allentown, Bethlehem and throughout the Lehigh Valley for over 25 years.

Our eye care services are also offered to Allentown, PA. We offer a complete eye care solution. With a wide range of services to choose from at Dr. Michael Brodsky and Associates, our eye doctors can perform the right clarifye eye exam and the correct treatment for your eyes. Our comprehensive eye health services in Whitehall leave no room for error.

Top-Rated Eye Care Services In Bethlehem & Allentown Area

From eye exams and contact lens fittings, to laser vision correction and corneal mapping, our optometrists provide comprehensive eye care service to patients of all ages. We also treat a range of conditions such as glaucoma, the diabetic eye, dry eye and macular degeneration.

Eye care, woman at an eye exam, Allentown & Whitehall, PA

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Learn more about what problems can be spotted with an eye exam, what’s involved in a comprehensive exam, and special considerations for kids and contacts.

Eye care, woman, at a clarifye eye exam in Whitehall, PA

Clarifye: The Next Generation of the Digital Eye Exam

During your CLARIFYE exam, your doctor uses digital equipment to map the unique fingerprint of your eye.

Eye care, girl at an eye exam in Whitehall, PA

Eye Exams For Children

Early identification of a child's vision problem is crucial. If you are in Allentown or Whitehall, PA visit our eye doctor for best eye care for your children!

Eye doctor, woman at an eye exam for contact lenses in Whitehall, PA

Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

Each patient is different, with some patients wearing contact lenses only on weekends, special occasions or just for sports.

Eye care, girl rubbing her eyes Allentown, Bethlehem & Whitehall, PA

Emergency Eye Care Services

Our eye doctors have the latest technology and lots of experience with eye infections, scratched eye, something stuck in your eye.

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Eye Allergies

Most individuals with allergies also suffer from eye allergies which affect millions of North Americans, particularly with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis.

Eye care, man smiling wearing sunglasses in Bethlehem & Allentown, PA

The Importance of Sunglasses

Finding the right pair of sunglasses in Whitehall, PA to fit your personal style is often an important part of making your summer outfit picture perfect.

Eye care, teenage girl on a skateboard in Whitehall, PA,

Myopia Control For Children

Myopia Control is the beginning of stopping nearsightedness in children, preventing their glasses from getting thicker every year.

Eye doctor, senior woman wearing glasses in Allentown & Bethleheml, PA,

Management of Ocular Diseases

Utilizing cutting-edge technology the eye doctors in Whitehall are diagnosing and managing, diseases like Glaucoma, Macular degeneration and Cataracts.

Computer Vision, Eye doctor in Whitehall, PA

Computer Vision: Ways To Protect Your Eyes

Fortunately, one can take several steps to reduce his/her risk of computer eye strain and other common symptoms.